TTF plans new kind of evening social event for annual conference – introducing “TTFM”

The Transport Technology Forum is planning two hour-long radio style discussion programmes in the evenings of its annual conference next month.

When held in person, the conference usually features a dinner and drinks reception which of course is impossible this year.  Instead an hour’s audio streamed informal and off the wall discussion about transport issues will be held instead.

“We wanted to have some sort of evening event in place of what we’d usually do in person,” explained TTF Manager Darren Capes of the Department for Transport.  “Trying to have some sort of online social on Zoom doesn’t work, and we were keen to avoid people having to look at screens, which we all spend all day doing.  So we came up with the idea of a radio-style programme people can listen to while they’re doing other things – maybe walking the dog, cooking or washing up, or just lounging on the sofa – it will be relaxed, hopefully quite funny at times, yet informative.”

The programmes will be hosted by Paul Hutton, who supports the TTF’s communications.  Before working in transport technology, Paul was a local and national radio presenter, newsreader and sports commentator. He’ll be joined by TTF adviser and leading industry consultant Andy Graham of White Willow Consulting. The conference takes place over three days – 3-5 March.

“It’ll be fun to do something approaching live radio again,” Paul explained.  “We’re putting together the format at the moment, but can promise some interesting discussion and the chance for listeners to get involved if they wish.  I’m delighted that we’re going to have the TV technology legend Michael Rodd join us on the Wednesday evening – older listeners will remember him from Tomorrow’s World and Screen Test – but everyone will be interested in his stories of driving in a prototype driverless car in the 1981, testing an in-car navigation system in 1971, showing the first mobile phone on TV and his views on business cases for innovation, based on his experiences reporting on Concorde.”

TTFM will be streamed live here on Other guests include former Transport Ministers Steve Norris (Conservative) and Stephen Ladyman (Labour) remembering some of the more off-beat times in their careers.

(Picture – Michael Rodd (right) with a much younger-looking Paul Hutton at the Farnborough Air Show in 2016)


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