“Two million” doctoring number plates to avoid ULEZ

It’s feared two million motorists could be doctoring their number plates to avoid being caught by cameras enforcing ULEZ zones and speed limits.

The Daily Telegraph has seen a police investigation written by the former surveillance camera commissioner Tony Porter which found 6 per cent of cars had some form of “ANPR-defeating material” on their number plates.

The report says Government advisers have warned controls on the sale of fake plates “are so lax” with them able to be bought for as little as £10 from 40,000 “largely unregulated” sellers while it says reflective “stealth” tape to make plates invisible to ANPR infrared cameras can be purchased online for just £80.

It quotes Mr Porter, who was also a former assistant chief constable with Greater Manchester Police, as saying there was “no doubt” the expanded ULEZ zone across Greater London and growth of ANPR would lead to more motorists being tempted to fake or doctor their number plates to avoid the emission zone charges, fines for speeding or points on their licence.

The Telegraph has seen a letter he’s written to the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, in which he says: “There is a paucity of any credible or effective controls which govern the production, manufacture and supply of materials to construct number plates, nor are there any meaningful security provisions for the number plates themselves.”

(Picture – gov.uk)


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