WSP experts explain how tech can become part of the Vision Zero solution

Two of the UK’s leading experts in Intelligent Transport Systems have written a second paper examining how intelligent transport systems can become part of the Vision Zero road safety solution.

WSP’s Head of Profession Ian Patey and Senior Technical Director Lucy Wickham discuss the interaction and interdependencies that exist between people, spaces and vehicles and how that leads to thinking about a more collaborative environment characterised by pre-emptive safety through incident prevention.

“Effective intelligent transport systems combine people, processes, infrastructure, vehicles, technology and associated data to form efficient and safe environments for the movement of people and goods,” they write. “It is when ITS is considered in this holistic manner—rather than focusing solely on the technological aspects—that it achieves the most beneficial outcomes.

“Without this system-based approach, potentially beneficial changes to individual aspects can have adverse impacts on other parts, and therefore on the overall system.  Introducing a new technology, for example, may create an unintended negative impact on safety if it has not been considered holistically.”

The paper discusses holistic thinking, an ITS data-led approach and the right assessment framework required. It explains a standardises evidence-based approach to safety and validation by results as well as adoption for new modes and mobility.

You can read the report here.


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