Yunex highlights Yutraffic Blade Controller installation in the US

Global ITS company Yunex Traffic has announced the successful installation of its latest Yutraffic Blade controller at an intersection in the American state of Kansas.

It says this milestone marks the first customer deployment of the Yutraffic Blade, adding that the feedback “has been overwhelmingly positive, with reliability and overall functionality being quoted as an encompassing highlight of the installation”.

Yunex describes Yutraffic Blade a a next generation traffic controller with advanced edge/IoT capabilities. It is designed to receive sensor data from various sources such as cameras, radar sensors, and in-ground loop detectors for real-time intersection control.

It adds that the Yutraffic Blade serves as an edge processing platform able to store and analyse large data sets directly on the device and utilize AI-based algorithms to improve traffic control.

Dennis Dewitt, the Traffic Signal Superintendent for the City of Salina said: “Benefits like being able to access the controller from anywhere, and having an edge computing device at the intersection are what really motivated us to install the Yutraffic Blade. These features align perfectly with our commitment to providing the best possible traffic management solutions for our community,” Said Dewitt.

Having initially procured two Yutraffic Blade controllers, he has already requested another for additional installations. The City of Salina currently operates all M60 controllers, and Yunex says their decision to upgrade demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of traffic management technology.

Rodney Mathis, the Managing Director of Yunex Traffic USA, commented: “Yunex Traffic remains dedicated to advancing traffic management technology, and the successful installation in Salina is a testament to our commitment to excellence.”

(Picture – Yunex Traffic)


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