Yunex launches cloud-based traffic management system in the US

ITS technology provider Yunex Traffic has launched Yutraffic Studio Advanced Traffic Management System.

The company says it was designed after many conversations with Yunex Traffic’s current and prospective customers, “incorporating lessons learned in the field”, and in direct response to their daily needs.

The solution was created to manage traffic issues quickly, effectively, reliably and safely with high-quality planning, monitoring and optimisation tools. Yunex calls it “the crown jewel” of the Yutraffic solution suite, built to address every transportation management issue today, but also “ready to meet the evolving traffic needs of tomorrow”. 

Yunex Traffic engineers designed Yutraffic Studio to ingest massive amounts of local and third-party data, including information directly from connected vehicles. It says this is because real-time data from connected vehicles is quickly becoming the most comprehensive and reliable source of timely information, with significant and expanding potential for the future.

It says the new platform also offers users digital twin and predictive capabilities when they upgrade with Yutraffic Insights’ intersection optimisation analytics and Aimsun’s simulation and predictive forecasting engine. 

Michael Gaertner, Head of Product & Systems for Yunex Traffic US says that with global insight from Yunex Traffic customers, Studio looks at mobility through a entirely new lens: “The question is no longer how much traffic can we push through a specific corridor, it’s how do we want to use that corridor, and which modes of mobility do we want to use. Whether you want to address traditional vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, transit, or all of them, Studio answers those questions.” 

The company adds that Yutraffic Studio will be offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, future-proofing customers who plan to expand their networks as transportation technology and local needs evolve. The platform is also modular so agencies can add monitoring or analysis capabilities as they need it. “This is the ultimate in scalability. It’s the perfect solution for small agencies who don’t want to get left behind, and large agencies who want the most comprehensive data and analytical capability today,” added Mr Gaertner. He expects that input from customers will continue to influence Studio as it evolves. “Incorporating lessons learned is not a one-time thing. We will continue to talk with our clients to make sure Yutraffic Studio is growing with them, to always meet their needs.”

Yunex adds that, to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, Yutraffic Studio provides next level security protection including dual authentication protocols, while offering access whenever and wherever users need it. Traffic managers can access Studio from desktops at a traffic management center or remotely through an iPad or similar device. Says Gaertner, “This level of sophisticated technology requires equally sophisticated cyber protection. 

As part of the development strategy, current customers, many of whom participated in research to develop Studio, will have a direct path to upgrade from existing Yunex Traffic ATMS products to the new platform.

There is no word yet on when it’ll be available in the UK.

(Picture – Yunex Traffic)


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