Zenzic updating CAM roadmap in webinar today

How is the UK mapping its way to a connected and automated mobility future and who are the key players making progress towards the Roadmap’s 2030 Vision?

The organisation overseeing the development of connected and automated vehicles in the UK, Zenzic are presenting a webinar exploring the UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030: CAM Creators Update. Secure your place: http://zenzic.io/roadmapwebinar 

The Roadmap is a tool that shows a single vision of interdependencies and addresses developments needed to achieve connected and automated mobility at scale by 2030. The updated Roadmap, launched in October 2020, provides key insights into specific connected and autonomous developments within the UK.

Today’s webinar is hosted by Highways News co-owner and technology editor Paul Hutton.

(Picture – Zenzic)


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