A final chat about Hamburg and four more interviews on Highways Voices

Highways Voices host Paul Hutton has returned from Hamburg and in this podcast he chats with Adrian Tatum about what he saw at the ITS World Congress 2021, and brings you four bonus interviews from the event, sponsored by SWARCO and GEWI.

As well as GEWI’s new cycling information service, there were many other active travel solutions on display at the event which Paul talks about, as well as chatting to Cubic’s Dave Powell about a camera solution which identifies pedestrians and cyclists to give them priority on the network.

“The government seen the benefits of active travel – Covid taught us that people do want to be out and about and they do want to gain the benefits that provides,” he said. “This is a response to that. I think we were early in the development of it and to see that need, but being able to use the technology to our benefit and continue the benefits that we’ve seen through Covid through increased active travel use is tremendously important.”

Teledyne FLIR also discuss their traffic camera solutions while Sopra Steria update us on their innovations in the UK’ National Traffic Information Service and we hear from location specialists HERE about their range of innovations.

Paul also discusses active travel solutions and a new ride sharing initiative called MOIA (pictured) that he tried out in the city. You’ll also hear a surprising Adrian’s Accolade this week, and Paul mention (twice) to interviewees that he used to run a radio traffic news company which gathered some of its information from Little Chefs and petrol stations. Yes, really.

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(Picture – Highways News)


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