AA releases advice on speed camera myths

The AA has produced a new guide explaining speed cameras, why they’re there and why people can’t cheat them.

“It’s a tired stereotype that drivers think of speed cameras as the enemy,” the introduction reads.

“In June 2019, our Populus poll asked Members if it was acceptable to use speed cameras to identify vehicles involved in speeding offences. 8 out of 10 said yes. But although the vast majority of people accept speed cameras, there are still questions over how they work.”

The document then offers people the chance to “read on to find the answers”.

It covers fixed and average speed cameras, the different types and why common misunderstandings should be ignored such as regarding average speed cameras:

“Along with many other well-known driving myths, there’s a thought that changing lanes messes up the average speed calculations for SPECS and VECTOR average speed cameras.

“This is wrong. While older speed cameras could’ve been ‘tricked’, more advanced cameras now use multiple sets of cameras at each point to track all the lanes and compare average speeds.

“But either way, you shouldn’t be trying to avoid getting caught. It’s safer for everyone to stick to the limits – and the law – by not speeding in the first place.”

Read the advice here.

(Picture – Jenoptik)


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