Acklea adds plastic light board and tail lift options to its plastic 7.2t traffic management vehicle range

Traffic management vehicle specialist Acklea has added two new lightweight options to its 7.2t traffic management vehicle range: a 500kg tail lift and a plastic LP13 light arrow board with a swing-out frame.

The new options will be available through Acklea and through commercial vehicle rental company, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent®, which will be offering these new features on both short- and long-term rental in the UK.

These latest features were designed by Acklea to support operators wanting to use just one vehicle to carry all the equipment needed for many more types of roadway maintenance on both low- and high-speed roads.

This is because of Acklea’s lightweight plastic design, which means one truck can easily carry all the equipment typically required for example, for roadwork cone installation vehicle or for the delivery of traffic lights, cones and barriers. In some cases, this payload can be too much for a van made from traditional materials.

Clive Brocklehurst, product manager at Acklea, comments: “The consistent demand for our plastic-bodied traffic management vehicles has led us to develop new options to meet more specific customer needs.”

“Traffic management vehicles often require light boards when used on slower roads, so this integrated lightweight plastic version is an additional feature that doesn’t compromise the payload capacity.”

“We’re also very excited to be making this new version more widely available through Enterprise Flex-E-Rent as it provides operators with many more rental options for using the vehicles.”

“These latest lightweight and plastic options use all the experience we’ve built over the years to create a highly versatile and flexible traffic management solution, complete with a light arrow board that’s just as recyclable as the truck’s plastic body.”

Acklea has already delivered more than 100 plastic 7.2t traffic management vehicles since they launched. The design has been continually refined in recent years based on customer feedback to take advantage of new ideas and innovations, especially around fuel-efficiency and capacity.

This growing family of 7.2t traffic management trucks is based on the Iveco Daily 7.2t chassis, with simple, van-like driving controls and a Hi-Matic transmission.

The plastic material is lightweight, low maintenance, zero corrosion, heat- and chemical-resistant and impact-resistant.

The modular design and use of durable, recyclable copolymer plastic enable the bodies to be reused with a new chassis and cab. Operators can increase the chassis and cab lifespan by ‘second-lifing’ the reusable plastic body and components.

The copolymer traffic management body comes with a non-slip coated floor, galvanised fall protection rails and powder-coated drop sides.

The full range of options now available for Acklea’s 7.2t plastic truck range includes:

  • Tilting sandbag lockers
  • 500kg tail lift
  • Bespoke bracket or mounting to LP13 light board to suit operators needs
  • LED illumination throughout
  • Fold-down step entry to cone well
  • Front sign rack
  • Reverse camera
  • Onboard weighing system with audible alarm.

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