Apple’s car project to concentrate on EVs rather than driverless

Apple is reported to have changed its plans for a car to a less ambitious design, with the intent of finally bringing an electric vehicle to market.

Bloomberg reports that, after previously looking at developing a truly driverless car, the company is now working on an EV with more limited features.

The news agency says its sources tell it the goal for a release date continues to slip. With the latest changes, the company looks to introduce the car in 2028 at the earliest, roughly two years after a recent projection, the Bloomberg sources said.

According to the Bloomberg sources, the car will use Level 2+ system, where the car can take over some aspects of driving such as lane assistance and emergency braking, but the driver still needs to be engaged with their surroundings. That’s a downgrade from previously planned Level 4 technology and, before that, even more ambitious aims for a fully autonomous Level 5 system.

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment to Bloomberg on the company’s plans.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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