Brexit ends speed camera fines for British people in Europe

It’s emerged that British drivers caught by speed cameras while driving in Europe won’t face penalties because the UK’s departure from the EU means offences won’t be pursued across borders.

Auto express reports that the Cross Border Enforcement directive, which was introduced in 2015 allowing authorities to fine drivers for motoring offences, as long as their car was registered in a European Union country, has now ended.

This means the half-million-plus UK drivers caught by speed cameras in France each year would not face action once they returned home.

The magazine points out that this cuts both ways, meaning UK authorities would be unable to issue tickets to EU drivers speeding here once they had arrived back home.

This does not apply to drivers caught by police, only by automated systems and Auto Express adds that French authorities are said to be seeking a bilateral arrangement with the UK, similar one they have with Switzerland, but that might take time to negotiate.

(Picture – Yay Images)



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