British innovator Valerann wins contract in US state of Virginia

The technology and innovation platform Openvia, has announced the successful deployment of Lanternn by Valerann™ (LbV) on the Pocahontas Parkway in Virginia, USA.

This AI traffic monitoring system is designed to help increase traffic safety and efficiency on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge, which is prone to high winds and fog, and manage the motorway congestion by monitoring the arterials leading to Pocahontas Parkway.

“Pocahontas Parkway is an important road in the Virginia area, and we are proud to deploy innovative technologies such as Lanternn by Valerann™ to enhance its safety and efficiency,” said Fernando Vallejo, Openvia CEO. “Our commitment to innovation in the transportation sector is unwavering, and this deployment is a testament to our dedication to improving the driving experience for motorists.”

Pocahontas Parkway is a 10-mile toll road located southeast of Virginia’s state capital, Richmond, and is a crucial route that connects two major arteries – Interstate 95 and State Route150 – as well as the Richmond International Airport, the busiest air hub in the State. It is the only immediate crossing of the James River, making it a vital solution for saving travel time and distance.

The Lanternn by Valerann™ (LbV) platform ingests and processes data from multiple sources, including Waze, Google Maps, concessionaire units, cameras, and vehicle GPS, among others. The platform’s advanced analytics and AI capabilities enable accurate detection and identification of road incidents, allowing the Concessionaire to assign resources more accurately and efficiently.

The deployment of LbV with Pocahontas Parkway roadside infrastructure includes the installation of 25mobile and 20 fixed cameras and the integration with existing ITS in the Concession. This platform will enhance the Concessionaire’s situational awareness, providing real-time traffic information beyond the cameras’ vision coverage. It will lead to improved safety, traffic flow, and reduced response times in the event of an incident.

“Valerann is thrilled to collaborate with Openvia to deploy our advanced traffic monitoring system on the Pocahontas Parkway,” said Michael Vardi, CBO and co-founder of the UK-based Valerann. “Our cutting-edge technology will enable the Concessionaire to efficiently manage traffic congestion, improve safety on this vital road network and inform users of relevant information during the trip. We are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the community.” 

The deployment of Lanternn by Valerann™ on the Pocahontas Parkway is part of Openvia’s NeoRoads program for Connected Cars and it reinforces Openvia’s position as an innovator in the transportation sector. By leveraging innovative technology solutions like LbV, Openvia is committed to improving the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of road infrastructure for motorists across the country as well as offering a new experience to drivers.

(Picture – Valerann)


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