Campaigners use Super Bowl to target Tesla for second year in a row

Two TV adverts broadcast during the Super Bowl in the US on Sunday have targetted Tesla’s self-driving technology, urging viewers to boycott the company and claiming that its vehicles are unsafe.

The website The Hill reports the Dawn Project’s ads follow a 2023 Super Bowl ad campaign that featured what it claimed was an Autopilot-driven Tesla mowing down child-sized dummies in a car park.

“Here’s what Elon Musk doesn’t want you to know: He sells defective self-driving software by telling consumers it is many times safer than a human driver, when in fact it drives like a drunk teenager,” the group’s website claims.

“Anyone who buys a Tesla from Elon Musk is an enabler for his reckless behavior, including his self-driving experiments that have resulted in over 1,000 crashes and at least 33 tragic deaths,” it continues. “Boycott Tesla to cut off the funding for Elon Musk’s depraved human experiments.”

Sunday’s ads showed video of what it says is an Autopilot-driven Tesla ignoring the flashing stop sign of a school bus and striking multiple child-sized dummies.

The ads can be watched here:

(Picture – screenshot from a Dawn Project ad)


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