Cars could automatically stop if driver is incapacitated

New technology being worked on in America could mean cars pull to the side of the road and stop if they detect a driver is incapacitated.

The website Consumer Reports says technology is being perfected to stop cars if they detect the driver is becoming unresponsive. At the moment they can slow down and put their hazards on but the next step is to safely take them to the side of the road.

Although medical emergencies are the cause of only 1.3% of crashes in the US, these have more severe consequences when they do occur, and therefore the technology is important. Similarly drowsy drivers are a danger, with a AAA study in the US finding that nearly ten per cent of drivers were drowsy just before a crash.

The Senior Director of Consumer Reports’ auto test centre commented, “More and more new cars can now detect lanes and automate lane changes. Using this capability to protect a driver in an emergency is the logical next step.”

The report says that if the features are proved to be effective, it’d mean those with chronic illness who’re currently barred from driving, such as those with severe epilepsy, could be permitted to continue to drive.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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