Clearview hosts webinar “seeing mobility through a new lens”

Transport technology, data and software company Clearview Intelligence is hosting a knowledge sharing webinar this Thursday (21 September) to explain how data is used to make traffic management more efficient.

International Channel Manager Nora Ali and Head of Technical Sales Pete Cattell will explain how “it’s all about the data” and the importance of understanding

  • Journey Time Monitoring
  • Environmental monitors
  • Asset management
  • Ability to ingest 3rd party data
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • Including pivot table creation
  • Mature API to feed data to other systems

Pete Cattell will also touch on a little of the history of Clearview Intelligence, having developed the first microprocessor-powered traffic counter to its modern day offering on count and classification – Video Analytics, Clearview’s version (Insight Vision).  

Introducing Insight Vision, Mr Cattell will explain a number of features:

  • Hashing option
  • Pass through / Blurring
  • Pedestrians / Faces / VRNs
  • Vehicle by Vehicle Records (VBV) 
  • quality granular data
  • non invasive
  • Simple installation
  • No civils required (assume a commando socket is available)
  • Temporary installations
  • Unique detection options
  • Stopped vehicle, pedestrians in the road etc

The event happens at 3pm on Thursday. Sign up here.

(Graphic – Clearview Intelligence)


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