Clearview renews solar studs on Cambridgeshire’s guided busway

Highways and transport solutions provider Clearview Intelligence has successfully renewed safety delineation technology on the Cambridge guided busway between Cambridge, Huntingdon and St Ives.

The busway, which is the longest of its kind in the world, offers an alternative to congested roads for bus passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.  It requires clear lighting at night to help users see the path edges so they do not risk encroaching onto the busway tracks.  In 2013 Clearview Intelligence fitted its SolarLite product onto the path.  These provided excellent lighting to ensure safety but, because they were embedded into the pavement and not mounted on poles like traditional streetlighting, did not contribute to light pollution.

Ten years on, some of the solar road studs needed changing, having lasted for 25% longer than their original design life.   Cambridgeshire County Council, in partnership with Milestone Infrastructure, decided that instead of just replacing those it was agreed that all of them should be fully renewed in one project.

Clearview has announced it has completed this renewal of hundreds of SolarLite solar studs along the route.  The lighting solution has now been enhanced, using red solar studs at certain intersections – where there may be a potential hazard, such as a crossing where pedestrians and cyclists may interact.

“The use of our SolarLite product is tried and tested on this route, and we are looking forward to many more years’ of providing enhanced safety for its users,” commented  Clearview Intelligence’s Director of Business Operations James Turner.  “The SolarLite solution has proved to not only deliver safety by protecting cyclists and pedestrians from straying onto the busway, but also environmentally sustainable needing no connection to the Grid.  These have worked brilliantly on this scheme and work equally well on normal roads which can benefit from 900 metres of carriageway visibility without the need for electricity using, light polluting streetlamps”.

The Cambridge Busway scheme will be touched upon during Peter Cattell’s speech “From Policy to Pavement” at the Transport Technology Forum Conference in Leeds on Thursday (27 April).  Clearview Intelligence is the main sponsor of the sold-out event.

(Picture – Clearview Intelligence)


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