Coeval and EarthSense collaboration to help council’s improve air quality monitoring

Local authorities across the UK will be given further support with their mission to improve air quality after Coeval, a leading supplier of electronic message signs, has partnered with EarthSense, a supplier of air quality monitoring systems, to interface its products to enable real time messages to be relayed to the public.

This comes at an important time for council’s many of whom are either launching Clean Air Zones (CAZ) or investing significantly in low emission projects as well as active travel. Local authorities and other road operators are looking more to technology to help them identify and assess areas of poor air quality and the causes before appropriate action can be taken to improve it.

As part of this partnership, the Coeval supplied Cloud Control System directly interfaces with the EarthSense Zephyr® air quality monitor taking the real-time pollution data to set predefined messages on the Coeval LED message signs, without the need for manual intervention.

The Zephyr® data is categorised into seven levels, providing an air quality index which can trigger the appropriate messages on the message signs, for example identifying diversion routes, to avoid high levels of air pollution.

In 2019, Public Health England estimated that 36,000 deaths a year were related to long-term exposure to poor air quality. The Environment Audit Committee has also estimated that total health costs, due to air pollution, range between £8.5 billion and £20.2 billion a year.

Utilising intelligent signage to influence driver behaviour and increase the attractiveness of active travel (walking and cycling), by improving safety and comfort, can support the improvement in air quality.

Recently, Coeval also supplied LED message signs for the Birmingham Clean Air Zone (CAZ). Its fixed and mobile solutions also support the development and increased use of active travel infrastructure.

Richard Bevins, Managing Director of Coeval said: “I am really pleased to partner with EarthSense on this development project to support its impressive Zephyr® system. More recently, with the implementation of air quality sensors, we can publish air quality levels on our intelligent signage to help raise awareness and encourage changes in behaviour, which is central to improving air quality.”

Thomas Hall, Managing Director of EarthSense added: “Zephyr® monitors are the ideal tool for displaying live pollution concentrations to members of the public as they provide real-time measurements which can be integrated with systems such as Coeval’s Cloud Control Systems. Using this information to help spread awareness of air pollution levels and to encourage sustainable decisions, such as choosing alternative routes to stay away from pollution heavy areas.”


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