CoMoUK says shared transport is ‘underrepresented’ in local authority transport strategies

More could be done to include shared transport in local authority transport strategies, according to Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK).

The organisation has said councils could provide people with ‘mobility credits’ for swapping their own car for alternative modes of travel like car clubs or bike hire schemes.

CoMoUK said shared transport remains frequently under-represented in Scottish local authorities’ transport strategies and delivery plans.

The charity said research shows car club vehicles emit 37% less CO2 than the average UK car, while bike hire schemes help people reach the recommended 2.5 hours or more of physical activity per week.

It also said that bike sharing, car clubs and mobility hubs should be included in new housing developments and council infrastructure. It also called for councils to prioritise at least 5% of spaces in council car parks with over 30 spaces for shared vehicle use.

Rachael Murphy, CoMoUK Scotland director, said: ‘Shared transport schemes are already doing heavy lifting on decarbonisation, but can go much further with greater support and should be employed right across Scotland

‘They provide an alternative to car ownership, and, together with public and active transport, shared transport reduces greenhouse gas emissions, poor air quality and congestion.

‘The local government elections in May present an opportunity for shared transport to be built into the future travel policies of every local authority in Scotland. Currently, shared transport remains underrepresented in the transport strategies and delivery plans of Scottish local authorities.’


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