Connect Plus starts next stage in search for contractors for framework agreement that will help upgrade M25

Connect Plus, which undertakes maintenance and upgrade work on the M25 for National Highways, is looking for contractors to join a framework agreement for a range highway improvement works.

Connect Plus published the contract notice for the call off framework agreement earlier this month. It is now valued at £167M, a jump from its value of £150M when Connect Plus published its market engagement notice in February, reports Ground Engineering.

The £167M framework agreement for improvement works on the M25 will involve civil engineering and technology works, which will be instructed by National Highways. These include but are not limited to structures, geotechnics, junction improvements, roadside technology and environmental works. The improvement works might be combined with road infrastructure renewals works.

It is envisaged that there will be a minimum of three framework contractors. Direct contracts awarded under the framework are anticipated to be valued from £500,000 to £3M. The framework agreement is expected to last six years.

The appointed contractors will carry out improvement works on 440km of the M25, including adjoining arterial roads and interchanges. They will also be responsible for improvements to other assets managed by Connect Plus, which include five tunnels, the QEII bridge, the elevated section of the M4 and around 2,500 other structures.

The works will be built into contracted packages which will often be multi-disciplined and sometimes phased.

To fulfil its design, build, finance and operate contract with National Highways, Connect Plus is looking for a fully embedded, innovative and integrated supply chain which will work in a long-term relationship with Connect Plus and Connect Plus Services, as well as stakeholders and partners.

The deadline for requests to participate is 26 September 2022.


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