Contractor hails electronic social distancing tags keeping staff safe at work

One of Europe’s largest Civil Engineering companies says its staff have gained confidence about their safety at work by wearing small electronic devices which warn them when they get closer than two metres from a colleague.

The BAM Nuttall team working on the Transpennine rail upgrade are testing the tags from as a way of making sure staff keep two metres from their colleagues.

“They haven’t so much changed behaviours as confirmed and reinforced correct behaviours,” explains Graham Gregson, Civil Safety Manager.  “They were trying to do the right thing before, but now have the confidence of knowing they’re maintaining the correct distance.”

BAM Nuttall says maintaining social distancing is the most basic part of its Covid defences and is effective when combined with good hygiene practices.  Staff have continued to come to work during lockdown, keeping their site operational. founder Neil Levett added that the tags have extra benefits that can be used to keep staff safe and businesses open. “They not only buzz and flash when wearers come into close proximity with a colleague, but also have track-and-trace built in,” he explained.  “This means that if someone were to fall ill, you can identify those who have interacted with them need self-isolate, while the rest of the team can confidently keep working.  The tags can also be easily amended using software should social distancing rules change.”

“We’re committed to keeping our staff safe and reassured in these difficult times,” concluded Ron Georgeson, Works Manager at BAM Nuttall.  “I’m really pleased with the tags and staff say they are easy to use and comfortable to wear”.


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