Coronavirus reduces average number of trips per person

People made 739 trips on average in 2020, or 14 trips a week, according to the Department for Transport’s annual Travel Survey 2020.

This was a 22% decrease on the level in 2019 prior to the coronavirus pandemic, where people made an average of 953 trips per year.

According to the survey, People travelled an average of 4,334 miles in 2020, a 33% decrease from the 6,500 miles in 2019. On average, people spent around 269 hours travelling in 2020 (around 44 minutes per day), down 27% from the 370 hours of travelling in 2019, it said.

Cars remained the most popular mode of travel, making up 58% of all trips in 2020 (a decrease of 3 percentage points from 2019), and 81% of all miles travelled (an increase of 4 percentage points from 2019). Many more trips were walked in 2020 than 2019, with a 6 percentage point increase to 32% of all trips in 2020.

The most common trip purpose in 2020 was for leisure, with 23% of journeys being made for this purpose. Shopping trips took up 19% of the average persons trip number in this year. These two were also the most popular purposes in 2019.

The full survey can be read here: National Travel Survey: 2020 – GOV.UK (


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