Council inspecting potholes within 24-hours and carrying out longer-term repairs

Southend-on-Sea City Council is continuing to take the subject of potholes seriously, with reports being investigated within 24 hours – making it one of the most responsive councils in the UK.

If a resident reports a pothole on any local road using MySouthend, it will be inspected within a 24-hour window or by the next working day.

The council’s proactive approach to pothole repairs is evident in its track record of fixing over 10,000 individual potholes in the past five years alone. Even amidst the challenges posed by Covid lockdowns, road activity decreased significantly allowing the council to identify and repair over 2,000 additional potholes in both 2020 and 2021.

This ‘find and fix’ initiative operated alongside the council’s standard inspection and repair procedures.

Moreover, the council has continuously enhanced its repair processes, ensuring all potholes are now fixed using a more permanent solution. This approach – where the area around the pothole is cut out as a square or rectangle and fully resurfaced – not only prolongs the longevity of repairs but also reduces the costs associated with multiple investigations and temporary fixes.

While some major roads like the A127 may initially receive a 24-hour temporary pothole fix due to the high use of the road, others will receive a permanent repair within a 28-day cycle. This approach is signified by markings on potholes, indicating scheduled repair works. Additionally, new signage has been introduced to inform the public about ongoing proactive measures.

Councillor Kevin Buck, cabinet member for highways, transport and parking, said: “Potholes pose a growing challenge across the UK, with many local authorities grappling with repairs and associated costs that strain already tight budgets.

“Unlike numerous other local authorities, we have refrained from increasing the size a pothole has to be before we fix it and we have not extended our timeframe for dealing with them.

“We are also now making more permanent repairs which is better for drivers and more efficient, and proposing additional funding of £500k per annum, subject to cabinet approval, to continue our commitment to delivering the highest standard of service for residents and road users.

“Despite the council’s best efforts in pothole repair, we still need the help of residents and I urge anyone who has a pothole concern to please report it via MySouthend. It’s important to note that for an investigation and repair to take place, a pothole must be at least 40mm deep and 300mm wide. This ensures our resources are being directed in the most efficient way.”


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