Councillor questions Rest and Be Thankful shelter solution

A councillor an the area affected by repeated closures of the Rest and Be Thankful stretch of the A83 in Argyll and Bute is questioning plans to build a new debris shelter on the route.

Last week Transport Scotland announced the selection of the preferred option follows design and assessment work on five options through the Glen Croe for the road which frequently has to shut over fears of landslides.

The shelter is akin to a tunnel with one open side, and is a recognised means of protecting transport infrastructure and its users from falling rock and debris in areas susceptible to debris flows or landslides.

However, Councillor Shonny Paterson, who lives in nearby Arrochar and knows the area well as a member of Arrochar Mountain Rescue Team told the Lochside Press newspaper, that three years ago engineers had dismissed following the existing road ‘out of hand’ as a solution to repeated landslides.

“The reason given then was the size of the rocks that could come down would damage a debris flow shelter, as these were designed more for avalanches in the Alps to prevent road closures,  therefore would not be suitable for the Rest and Be Thankful,” he told the paper. “So I will be interested to hear what has changed.”

Cllr Paterson said he would raise the issue at the next meeting of the A83, which will be attended by transport minister Kevin Stewart.

(Picture – Transport Scotland)


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