Croydon Council monitors the impact of construction machinery and traffic

The London Borough of Croydon is undertaking a project to manage the impact of construction machinery and traffic on the local community.

Working with South Coast Science in partnership with Emission Solutions Ltd., (EMSOL), is supporting Croydon Council to manage the impact of construction machinery and traffic on local communities. The first step is to deploy real-time air quality monitoring devices. The Praxis/Urban was selected for its ability to establish where pollutants are reaching harmful thresholds.

The flexible data infrastructure of the Praxis allows easy aggregation with tagged asset and vehicle data, made available by EMSOL. It is therefore possible to deliver a real-time, highly location specific view of air quality at Queen’s Square in Croydon.

The EMSOL Platform enables businesses to take control of air quality through targeted actions. The multi-site dashboard designed for Croydon Council that offers intuitive and powerful reporting. Robust integration between South Coast Science and EMSOL’s technologies delivers reports to Council engineers including; the nature of an emission breach, how intensive it was and where on site it occurred. All data gathering elements seamlessly input to the dashboard, delivering accurate, reliable insight that supports evidence-based action.

Croydon Council has no less than 11 multi-million pound construction developments in progress at any one time, the Council is rightly concerned about maintaining environmental compliance.


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