Cruise CEO says driverless vehicles safer than humans

The CEO of General Motors’ driverless subsidiary Cruise has stated that parents should want to put their children in autonomous vehicles, because they’re safer than human-driven cars.

Kyle Vogt told CNBC Television “The really important thing people need to know about AVs is their safety track record, especially relative to human drivers. And since we’ve been operating we’ve seen a two thirds reduction in that type of collisions that could cause injury. And in the collisions we do see 92% of them are caused by the human driver and not the AV and so if you’ve got a family or kids you’re gonna want them in these Robo taxis and not the alternatives.”

Asked about recent issues including a collision with a fire engine and vehicles stopping in the street, Mr Vogt admits that sometimes an AV will do something different to a human driver but: “If we create a double standard, or start ignoring the fact that humans aren’t on average, are actually not very good drivers and causing havoc on our roads.”

The interview also covers the potential revenue generation for Cruise with costs falling and high demand, and how more cities will start to see Cruise begin to operate, including two un-named cities outside of the US.

Watch here:

(Picture – Cruise)


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