Cruise told to reduce the number of driverless vehicles on the road in San Francisco

The General Motors-owned driverless taxi provider Cruise has been told to reduce the number or vehicles on San Francisco’s roads.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles wants a maximum of 50 on the road during the day, and 150 overnight. That’s a halving of previous numbers.

Driverless vehicles have been controversial in the city with firefighters complaining about them hampering emergency operations, drivers saying they stop in the middle of the road, and most recently a minor accident with a fire engine in which the Cruise passenger needed to go to hospital.

“Cruise has agreed to a 50% reduction and will have no more than 50 driverless vehicles in operation during the day and 150 driverless vehicles in operation at night,” the San Francisco Chronicle quotes the DMV as saying. “The DMV reserves the right, following the investigation of the facts, to suspend or revoke testing and/or deployment permits if there is determined to be an unreasonable risk to public safety.” 

The newspaper adds that the DMV said the reduction in operations will remain in effect until its investigation is complete and Cruise “takes appropriate corrective actions to improve road safety.”

(Picture – Cruise)


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