Cyclists and pedestrians at highest risk on Jersey roads

Cyclists and pedestrians face the highest risk of injury on Jersey’s roads, according to a new report.

The Government’s Road Traffic Collision and Casualty Update found out of the 214 people hurt in 2023, 142 were either on a bike or on foot, reports the BBC.

It also found a higher proportion of people in Jersey were injured in road crashes than mainland Britain or many parts of the rest of Europe.

Figures showed the police spent £1.7m responding to collisions in 2023 and that the average age for casualty in the island was between 34 and 44-years-old, said the BBC report.

Scott Hall, Deputy Chief of Police, said the report provided “crucial insights into the patterns and outcomes of road traffic collisions”.

He said: “Our data underscores the importance of targeted interventions and infrastructure improvements to protect our most vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

“The findings from this report are instrumental in guiding our enforcement strategies and the continued work we are doing with Infrastructure.”

Constable Andy Jehan, the Minister for Infrastructure, said he was “mindful of the impact” on those who had experienced road collision tragedies.

He said: “I am committed to working on reducing the number of casualties on our roads with the goal of striving towards a safer future for all road users.

“This also means a review and update of road traffic laws to greater support us and the police in our roles to reduce risk on the roads.”

Mr Jehan said the government would be engaging with the community to “understand their specific concerns”.

“Officers are developing a programme of infrastructure delivery which will help create a safer road space for vulnerable road users, such as safer pedestrian crossings and cycle routes especially in the east of the island,” he said.



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