Delivering what authorities actually need – advice from Now Wireless on Highways Voices

In such a fast paced, rapidly changing industry, local authorities have to keep up with many challenges, as we not only change the way we travel and how we travel, but also become more sustainable, and think about how we create an effective, efficient network of the future.

Our guest today on Highways Voices is Paul Hudson, head of sales at Now Wireless, a company that has been working closely with local authorities for more than 30 years developing technology in answer to some of these challenges.

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“I think it’s more important than ever really to listen and learn to the challenges local authorities have,” Paul says. “Over the last 20 years, we’ve built up a really good relationship with our customers, and we often ask them, what do you need, rather than, oh, we have this new product.”

He explains how this guides research and development and helps deliver solutions to make the most of the budget they have, especially as revenue budgets are disappearing rapidly.

“It’s important to see for them to see if they’re one requirement could actually be used for other solutions,” he says.

You’ll also hear a reminder of two of the most popular previous guests on Highways Voices, Rory Sutherland and Pete Dyson, who’ll be our guests again next week as they look forward to their appearance at this September’s JCT Traffic Signals Symposium. There’s also our partner news and Adrian’s Accolade.


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