Drivers “don’t understand LTN signage”

A new survey suggests that half of drivers do not understand the “no motor vehicles” signs used around Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, with nearly three-in-ten wrongly thinking it means “cars and motorcycles only”.

A YouGov survey of more than 2,000 motorists carried out this month suggests that 10% of drivers said the sign did not represent any of the options given or they didn’t know. 5% of drivers said the sign meant “Caution, motorcyclists overtaking” and 5% of drivers said that it meant “No motor vehicles allowed, except drop-off/pick-up/loading”.

The survey carried out for #BikeIsBest also found that one per cent of people thought that the sign actually meant “no cyclists or pedestrians allowed” – the opposite of what it means.

#BikeIsBest says that previous YouGov research it had conducted in July 2020 showed the public is overwhelmingly in favour of measures to encourage walking and cycling with 6.5 people supporting changes to their local streets for every 1 person against.

(Picture – #BikeIsBest Twitter)


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