Tesla gives over-the-air autonomous update

Tesla owners are now able to use their cars’ “Autopilot’s driver-assist” features on roads outside of highways, thanks to those who have purchased the option receiving an over-the-air upgrade of their software.

However, Engineering and Technology (eandt.theiet.org) reports that the Tesla founder Elon Musk has stressed on Twitter that the software is still just in beta and although it “addresses most known issues” there will still be “unknown issues” that will need to be unaccounted for.

“Safety is always a top priority at Tesla,” he added.

The report says that while Tesla vehicles do have a degree of automated capability, drivers are still legally obliged to be sitting in the driver’s seat with their hands on the wheel.

This follows a double-fatal crash in Texas in April where a Tesla hit a tree while it appeared neither occupant was in the driver’s seat.

(Picture – Telsa)


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