Effective water management on the highway with ACO on this week’s Highways Voices

Today on Highways Voices we talk about the important subject of effective water management, and the growing emphasis for the sector to ensure roads are not only safe for users, but also for the surrounding environment.

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In the podcast, Adrian Tatum talks to Adam Cane is sustainability lead at ACO Water Management, which has a campaign running at the moment.

“Absolutely huge amounts of water are coming off the infrastructure, and that’s only going to increase with with climate change,” Adam says. “We have to manage it for the maximum benefit of the amenity, for ourselves, but also the biodiversity around us.”

In this important discussion, they talk about the shift in attitudes towards how highways are designed and maintained with surface water treatment playing a more prominent role in this design process, and how there is need for highways industry to ensure measures are in place to positively impact the quality and management highway runoff, given how road networks contribute to water contamination.

Please note, Paul, who produces the podcasts, is on holiday at the moment so this week does not include the normal features of news, partner news and Adrian’s Accolade. They’ll be back in two weeks’ time.


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