Fuel price campaigner calls for 2030 EV deadline to be scrapped

The head of Fair Fuel UK is calling for the 2030 all-electric deadline for new vehicles to be scrapped in order to “avoid economic disaster”.

Writing in The Sun, Howard Cox calls EVs the Betamax of transport, with events over Christmas showing that the events over Christmas show the “UK is far from ready to go all-electric”.

“At Gretna Welcome Break Services, dozens of Tesla drivers trying to get to and from Scotland over the holidays queued for three hours just to begin charging,” he writes. “

A brother and sister had to stop SIX times in one day to charge their rented Tesla because the battery drained so quickly in the cold weather. Elsewhere there have even been fights outside supermarkets and restaurants to get access to charging points.”

He points to “that model of efficiency, Switzerland” which he writes is considering banning electric vehicles to conserve the country’s energy supplies. “Yet our dictatorial government continues to ignore overwhelming evidence that EVs are fast becoming the Betamax of transport,” he adds.

He continues:

“Manufacturing a “pure” battery-powered vehicle creates more CO2 than an equivalent fossil-fuelled car — in some cases up to 74 per cent more, according to Berryls Strategy Advisors.

“Also, as we saw over Christmas, Britain has nowhere near enough charging points.

“EV Energy Taskforce says the UK needs between 253,000 and 661,000 more EV charging points by 2035 to meet the phase-out of petrol and diesel.

“At the moment we have fewer than 40,000.

“Unless the capacity of the national grid is expanded by tens of gigawatts, there will be insufficient power to meet the proposed growth in battery-powered electric vehicle ownership and maintain anything like our current treasured freedom of motoring movement… And don’t forget experts at economics consultancy CEBR recently estimated the cost of the 2030 ban and going EV is five times that of any alleged environmental benefits.”

Read the full article here.

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