HERE unveils a range of new innovations at Consumer Electronics Show

As is traditional, the location data company HERE is using its pavilion at the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to showcase the latest innovations.

Its new UniMap is a highly automated technology that enables rapid creation of digital maps and location products.

HERE has been developing the technology over the last three years in close collaboration with automotive groups including BMW Group. Primed for a rollout to selected customers in 2023 ahead of coming fully online for all HERE customers by 2024, UniMap is designed to deliver “unmatched levels of map freshness, quality and coverage”. At the heart of the HERE platform, the technology will produce the entire HERE map as well as enable customers to rapidly create their own private maps and customised location services.

Its also announced a new service that predicts the likelihood of an electric vehicle public charge point being available in the future.

The charge point prediction feature incorporates both EV infrastructure supply and real-world user demand, while factoring in variables such as weather, time and day.

Meanwhile HERE Automated Driving Zones is new cloud-hosted software, which allows automakers to transparently decide where, when and under which operating conditions it is safe to activate the automated driving functionalities of their cars.

“With autonomous driving, safety comes first,” the company says in a statement. “An automated driving system must therefore only be activated when the outside conditions allow for it. This requires the definition of so-called Operational Design Domains (ODD). An ODD characterises the operating conditions in which automated driving systems can operate properly, circumscribing the areas where it is safe for drivers to take their hands off the wheel or where driverless vehicles are allowed to drive.”

Another new product, HERE Road Alerts, gives drivers “accurate and timely information about hazards on the road ahead to make better and safer driving decisions”.


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