Gaist and TRL Software combine data and technology to form ‘revolutionary’ new offering in digital asset management

The development of new digital integrations between Gaist and TRL aiming to revolutionise how we plan and manage the road network is set to accelerate rapidly with the first Gaist-iROADS integration announcement.

As part of the global partnership announcement with TRL, it was outlined that the capability to ingest Gaist’s road asset data will be integrated into TRL Software’s cloud-native iROADS asset management system, enhancing each other’s existing data products and services to bring greater value to clients across the globe. Now, both parties are pleased to announce, this is a reality.

Clients looking to rapidly access deeper insights into their networks through iROADS can now access Gaist’s extensive array of capabilities, including extensive network surveys highlighting carriageway defects, public/private street inventories, up-to-date 360-degree imagery and advanced modelling all at the click of a button. To further complement this, custom integrations can be developed for clients whereby bespoke maintenance schemes developed by Gaist can be easily accessed in iROADS, taking current integrated digital asset management capabilities to a new level.

Increasing customer expectations and network demand on our roads can only be managed effectively with the right intervention at the right time. This is true whether the aim is fixing existing road issues, understanding road deterioration over long periods of time or planning and making cases for new, extensive investment. The re-architected, new generation iROADS digital asset management system from TRL and Gaist integration is designed with solving these core issues in mind.

The tie-up will see Gaist and TRL take another concrete step towards solving global roads challenges, shaping the road asset data and standards landscape and explore further potential advanced applications of roads data whilst supporting more efficient, greener and safer transport infrastructure.

Andrew Loveless, Gaist CRO, said: “This important alignment between two domain experts marks a milestone in the global application and exploitation of detailed, high-definition roads data. The market is demanding integrated approaches to provide low cost of ownership and solutions which dramatically provide a step change in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.”

TRL Software’s Head of Product Management, Subu Kamal added: “We know that good quality, timely roads data is what makes a digital platform like iROADS deliver value for our clients. Hence partnering with the leading provider of roads data is the natural choice. We now have high-resolution roads data from GAIST’s Highways platform available within iROADS in a simple, highly usable way for our clients. Both GAIST and TRL Software is investing in this relationship and watch out for more exciting developments in the near future”.

Advances in mobile technology and capturing techniques has taken the gathering and analysis of rich, detailed data about the road and roadscape to a new level- Gaist is at the forefront of these advances, with its intelligence utilised by countries around the globe.

The demand for its insights has boomed with its traditional customer base of local authorities now extended to broadband and utilities organisations alongside those at the forefront of the Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAVs) revolution. In combination with TRL’s world-leading iROADS asset management system, this rich, detailed data is more accessible than ever before, said Gaist.


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