Gaist webinar asks ‘Artificial Intelligence or Magic – You Decide’

The use of Artificial Intelligence is described as (in turn) the saviour and the downfall of industries as diverse as healthcare, finance and transport – heralding a brave new world in which everyday tasks are performed for us by machines.

The puzzle of real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in the short- and medium-term is hard to decipher with all the noise and hype surrounding it. What is AI, and what does it really mean for those using outputs related to it?

In truth, AI represents a broader concept of machines being able to carry out ‘smart’ tasks whereas machine learning (amongst other subsets) is a specific application of AI based around computer systems that can learn and adapt to analyse and draw inferences from patterns in data.

Gaist have embedded powerful AI and machine learning technology into their data intelligence provision, enabling them to deliver large scale national insights to clients such as the Department for Transport. In developing these capabilities over a period of years, they have added capacity of a scale that simply would not be possible without machine learning.

However, there remains many misconceptions on how we label A.I, how machines learn and what questions we should ask of A.I. technology vendors when faced with seemingly ‘magical’ solutions to data-oriented problems.

Gaist have announced a webinar taking place on 2nd December (12pm-1pm) to address these questions in an engaging, open way to build a cross-sector debate on the state of play with regards to AI and data intelligence.

This webinar will equip attendees with a much deeper understanding of what artificial intelligence is really capable of, alongside the limitations and legal issues surrounding this new technology with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Taking place virtually on 2 December, you can register by clicking here.

(Graphic – Gaist)


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