Glasgow’s Car Share Club Set To Double In Size

Glasgow’s pay-as-you-go car share club is set to double in size as part of a renewed deal with service provider Co Wheels.

With Co Wheels contracted to deliver the service over the next five years, the scheme is aiming to deliver a 100% increase in the availability of electric and hybrid cars for members to hire. An additional seventeen hire cars are due to be brought in over the course of 2023 to create a 71 strong pool of vehicles for more than 4,200 members already signed up.

On average 1,555 bookings are made through the car club each month and plans are being put in place to extend further the number of locations across the city where car club vehicles can be collected from. Councillors hope the growing availability of vehicles will attract increasing numbers of drivers looking for an alternative to car ownership that still offers readily accessible, low-emission vehicles for personal trips.

Councillor Angus Millar, City Convener for Transport, said: “The car club is increasingly becoming a fixture in Glasgow’s transport system and I’m delighted the scheme will continue to grow over the next five years. Extending the availability of vehicles across the city will make our car club more convenient for users and help ensure car share as a viable way to get about Glasgow.

“Initiatives like Glasgow’s car club are a great way to reduce our overall reliance on private vehicles which create congestion and fuel carbon emissions. The car club approach also ensures people who only require a car at certain times or for certain purposes to use one without having to own, store and maintain one 24/7. With low or zero emissions vehicles only available through the car club, the scheme can play an important role in our efforts to create a net zero Glasgow.

“More and more people are moving away from running their own car and that can be for a variety of reasons such as cost, environmental impact or issues with parking. The car share club takes away the complications of owning a vehicle while still ensuring a vehicle is still available for private journeys.”

Car share club vehicles can currently be found at 47 designated, on-street parking bays across Glasgow. A total of 17 Zonal parking permits are also being introduced that will allow car share club vehicles to be parked in 12 zones across the city. Work is also underway to look at how car club vehicles can be provided near to new housing developments.

Richard Falconer, Head of Locations and Business Development at Co Wheels, said: “Our presence in Glasgow continues to see remarkable growth, with an ever-increasing number of residents and businesses recognising the environmental and economic benefits of alternative approaches to traditional car ownership.

“Our planned expansion over the next five years speaks volumes about the city’s commitment to embracing eco-friendly alternatives for their travel needs and marks a significant step towards a greener, more accessible, and sustainable future for the city.”

(Picture – Glasgow City Council)


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