How can using field management software increase customer confidence?

Adopting field management software can bring many benefits to businesses in construction, highways, rail and landscaping. Systems such as Re-flow come equipped with many powerful features that aim to unite and streamline major operational processes including job creation and scheduling, asset management, reporting and HSE management. It’s been proven that aside from increasing efficiency and reducing downtime, Re-flow enables businesses to gain more sustainability.

Sustainability doesn’t just pertain to environmental benefits. It also applies to the growth of a company. Namely, how healthy said growth is. Businesses operating on manual processes, paperwork and siloed, legacy systems may find themselves in an endless loop. Inefficient processes lead to missed deadlines and tight margins, which in turn affects the quality of contracts tendered in the future.

Businesses using Re-flow can guarantee consistency and transparency in their services thanks to the systems’ capabilities. Scheduling and instant communication eliminate downtime, while form functionality enables strict compliance and harvesting of specific, high-quality data. The system’s form builder allows companies to track unique KPIs and information, per client specifications, while keeping them current with exportable, digital reports.

Hundreds of businesses across multiple industries use Re-flow’s capabilities to sustain their growth. When clients are kept up to date with high-quality data and deadlines are met, companies can tender bigger and better contracts, while retaining repeat business. As more and more commercial customers digitise, the ability to digitally harvest specific information is becoming a must, and Re-flow’s adaptability can do just that.


Toppesfield is one of Re-flow’s earliest adopters. A surfacing industry giant, the company has been using the software for several years. This has brought numerous benefits, including streamlining workflows, removing paper from site operations and supporting gangs with all necessary information. The seamless integration of their processes from site through to invoicing ensures maximum efficiency and prevents anything from being missed.

The business has even gone as far as listing Re-flow on their company website, as a mark of their forward-thinking attitude towards digital innovation. Customers considering their services can see first-hand how Toppesfield uses the system to work towards their sustainability goals, monitor progress and gather instant feedback on jobs. Clients working with Toppesfield can have complete confidence in their approach and processes, knowing that they maintain detailed, live oversight of every aspect of their project. As a UK-wide contractor, Re-flow allows the firm to maintain complete control regardless of the number of projects being undertaken.

For more on how Toppesfield has utilised Re-flow to digitally transform their operational processes, read their full case study.

Chapter 8 Traffic Management

Similarly, the Cork-based traffic management company, Chapter 8 Traffic Management also proudly display their association with Re-flow, adding further confidence to their already stellar services. A relative newcomer to the industry, Chapter 8 TM have been using Re-flow to gather real time information that enables strict compliance, increased auditability and facilitates a live dialogue with their clients. Instant communication and messaging enable operations teams to the latest client information clearly, precisely and efficiently. All documentation including RAMS and TMPs are instantly accessible, without any information loss along the way.

“As a young company, the use of the Re-flow system has enabled us to position ourselves at the top of our marketplace. The staff love the system and more importantly, the clients love the system,” said Barry Greenwood, Managing Director, Chapter 8 Traffic Management

These streamlined processes, as well as Re-flow’s flexibility have enabled Chapter 8 TM to attain a rapid rate of growth, while remaining sustainable and prepared. Not only does their use of the system give clients confidence in their processes, but it has also helped the business position their industry-leading services at the top of their market.

For more on how Chapter 8 Traffic Management has utilised Re-flow to grow more sustainably, read their full case study.

iKon Electrical Group  

iKon Electrical Group, a Bournemouth-based electrical company, had switched to a direct-to-retailer market. Their previous frameworks lacked the flexibility to adapt in response to sudden changes to client delivery without hindering the work of their operatives. With Re-flow, instant communication and a seamless link between the site and office means that operatives can always stay up to date, enabling the business to meet deadlines and keep their clients up to date with customisable digital reports.

Hundreds of businesses across the country have adopted Re-flow, including heavyweights such as Colas, FM Conway and M.V. Kelly. The system’s powerful features streamline major operational processes and allow teams to do more with their time. In turn, this also means businesses can better guarantee consistency and meet deadlines – keeping the business profitable, and clients happy. When customer satisfaction is high, the business’s prospects increase as well, offering a path to health and sustainable growth.


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