How ITS (UK) plans to influence Government policy – its new CEO explains on Highways Voices

“Every single member I’ve met has been really positive and optimistic about the industry, really excited about ITS (UK) as an organisation and their role in it,” says new ITS (UK) CEO Max Sugarman on the Highways Voices podcast – his first major interview since taking over from long-serving Secretary General Jennie Martin last month. “What’s been clear,” he adds, “is that we’re at the cutting edge of transport, and we are a really dynamic and fascinating industry.”

Max Sugarman (pictured) joined ITS (UK) after a career working in communications with bodies including the Rail Industry Association and Catapult network.

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In this interview, he explains his background, talks about some of the technology he thinks is key to the future of transport and how he plans to use ITS (UK) to influence government policy to the benefit of Intelligent Transport Systems.

“It is about keeping a single message on behalf of the sector and, and sticking with it,” he explains. “Government wants to hear from representative bodies and membership bodies, it needs to know what they’re thinking what their challenges are, and what it can do to help. I think the Government will welcome Intelligent Transport Systems UK having a bigger voice and a bigger role.”

In today’s podcast you’ll also hear a round-up of our partner news from ADEPT, LCRIG and the Transport Technology Forum, and why a project in Milton Keynes wins “Adrian’s Accolade” this week.

(Picture – ITS (UK))


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