IHE – Highway Resilience and Response Conference

Wednesday 8th November 2023, The Kia Oval, London

The past decade has seen the nation’s highways impacted by a series of extreme events. Roads and bridges have collapsed or been closed for prolonged periods, severing vital community lifelines, cutting access to basic services, and destroying the hidden network of fibre, power and water. Time and again Highway Managers are seeing impacts that are without precedent in their careers, with floods and storms, drought and fires, all impacting how we deliver services and demanding more from us.  Highways are on the front line of climate change, with these are other risks underlined in the latest UK National Risk Register: we know things will get worse.

This conference from the IHE provides you with the opportunity to understand how these events have informed innovations in practice, and will better prepare you, and help you build the case for greater resilience and targeted funding. With local highway managers sharing first-hand accounts, and international speakers sharing their real life experiences, you will be guided through the new approaches to resilience and response that will help you and your teams better prepare for events impacting your community.

As a recognised training day in conjunction with UKRLG, you will be joining at the very start of a process that will better equip you and the sector to:

  • understand the risks and manage the threats;
  • communicate with DfT, Members, and neighbouring authorities during your time of need;
  • and to be ready to deploy your skills and those of your team to the front line of national emergencies affecting your peers in other councils.

To find out more or to book a place visit – https://www.theihe.org/events/highway-sector-resilience-and-response/

(Picture – IHE)


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