In goes the Parklets! as part of Louth active travel scheme

With Lincolnshire County Council crews working across two evenings, the new Parklet seating units have been successfully put on-site in Louth’s Mercer Row as part of the 18-month-long trial Active Travel Scheme.  

This is the first time these Parklets have been seen in the UK and Louth is the first location in the country to get them. 

Two different styles of the self-contained seating units are so far in place with one of the units featuring three reclining-style long seats whilst the other uses a combination of bench seats and stools that serve a bar-like table. Both Parklets also have a planter in situ which are being planted with aromatic plants. 

The first Parklet was installed on the Louth route on Tuesday evening with the second unit put in place and constructed on Wednesday evening. The work crew left the site at 10.30pm last night. 

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways said: “We are pleased to have the Parklets in Louth.  

“These are the latest elements on what is the ongoing trial period for a sustainable future for the market town. As part of the Active Travel Scheme plan outlined by Government, we are trying various options to see which works best to encourage people to dwell for longer and fully appreciate and use the businesses and services that Louth has to offer. 

“We understand that these Parklets are somewhat controversial but whilst our installation was happening, we experienced first-hand a pretty even split of ideas and support about the scheme as a whole and the Parklets in particular.  

“Throughout the installation we had several groups of people using the Parklets as soon as they were able to, with some returning to them throughout the evening to make the most of having somewhere to sit and rest before continuing their night out in the town. 

“The early signs from people in the town who interacted with us were that, on the whole, the Parklets are a good idea and will be used as intended. This is very encouraging, and we hope that once a short period of time has passed and more people give them a try, these seats become a useful addition to the shoppers and residents of Louth. 

“We remain open to all feedback on not only this element but the entire 18-month-long trial scheme for Louth. As it is a trial, we know that elements of it are very fluid and we are constantly reviewing what works and what needs a tweak here and there.” 


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