INSPECH launches a digital road inspection and asset management planning tool

INSPECH, an emerging InfraTech startup, has launched two new digital products that will redefine the way road inspection and asset management planning are carried out. On top of that users can now also choose to collect data with a GoPro camera.

INSPECH is a collaborative platform that optimises road inspection procedures and improves overall efficiency in road maintenance. It serves local authorities, road owners/operators, civil engineering contractors, public-private partnerships (PPPs), and road authorities. INSPECH is created with road inspectors, for road inspectors. This intrinsic focus on the needs of the inspection process drives a deep understanding of the challenges and nuances that inspectors and asset managers face on a daily basis.

With the introduction of the ‘anywhere anytime’ data collection capability, INSPECH users are able to digitally conduct road inspections in the UK at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional methods.

Users can now choose to collect data with a GoPro camera, significantly reducing the upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) required for road inspections. By enabling this anywhere anytime data collection approach, INSPECH enables users to conduct inspections faster, cheaper, safer and more efficiently, maximizing the return on infrastructure investments. The use of GoPro also increases the flexibility of when and how data is collected. For example, large vehicles are impractical and likely to be banned from footways and sidewalks, whereas smaller EVs with a GoPro may not be.
INSPECH has two subscription options:
INSPECH Assessment
 is designed to streamline the inspection process. It automates workflows, reducing the time it takes to turn inspector insights into tangible results. Enriched by AI, it not only speeds up inspections but also empowers road professionals to make decisions based on data-driven insights to improve consistency, speed and accuracy. Road data, collected using professional camera equipment or a simple GoPro, is uploaded to INSPECH Assessment, which quickly generates an interactive digital twin on a dynamic map. This advanced map isn’t just a visual representation, it’s an editable canvas that enhances and accelerates your inspection capabilities.

INSPECH Insights is designed to redefine how road owners make strategic decisions about their assets by providing a comprehensive understanding of asset reliability and availability, revolutionising road infrastructure management. With the ability to collect data using GoPro cameras and effortlessly create interactive digital twins, road owners are empowered with cutting-edge tools such as inspection comparisons and repair cost modeling to optimise operational strategies and encourage greater collaboration between stakeholders. Tailored for road asset managers and stakeholders, INSPECH Insights is not only changing the landscape of road infrastructure monitoring, it is paving the way for more effective strategic operations and maintenance.

Data for each subscription can be collected using professional high-resolution equipment or a simple GoPro camera. Customers who don’t want to collect their own data can work with a number of INSPECH partners who provide end-to-end road inspections services, taking the entire inspection process off your hands.

Product Management is currently developing a new ‘Cost Insights’ module for INSPECH, which will be launched early next year. This module will enable users to maximise the return on infrastructure investment by increasing awareness of the condition of the road network and providing insights for road rehabilitation and maintenance planning. The Cost Insights module complements INSPECH collaboration platform by providing stakeholders with key financial and performance data, promoting transparency and enabling data-driven, collaborative decision-making.

The Cost Insights module is designed to answer critical questions posed by infrastructure professionals. Such as; “How to prioritise which sections to repair?”, “Will targets be met?”, Many short term fixes?”, “Few long-term fixes?”. Based on the assessment of road condition over time, it provides a deeper understanding of the trends in network performance and when and where timely preservation interventions are required. It also provides asset managers with the ability to model the costs of applying appropriate treatment types and to test various scenarios to optimise return on investment before committing funds.

This tool is particularly useful after detailed inspections, when multiple rounds of maintenance have been carried out, and when users need to plan budgets for future years. For asset managers and infrastructure professionals, the Cost Insights module is essential for proactive maintenance planning, helping them to move from a ‘worst first’ approach to a more optimised performance-based planning approach. By focusing on the effects of maintenance, rather than just the causes, this module enables users to allocate budgets more effectively and create more sustainable infrastructure management practices.

“Glenn Brouwer, co-founder and CRO of INSPECH, says: ‘With an ever-increasing backlog of repairs, road budget shortfalls and ever-deteriorating road conditions, it’s time to embrace the future of digital road inspection and asset management planning. With INSPECH Assessment – for Road Inspectors’ and ‘INSPECH Insights – for Road Asset Managers,’ we offer two distinct, synergistic products that redefine efficiency, collaboration and decision making for every budget.”


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