Johnson steps into ULEZ row

Former Prime Minister and London Mayor and current MP for Uxbridge Boris Johnson has issued a rebuke to his successor in London, Sadiq Khan, over plans to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone to the whole of London.

Mr Johnson has released a video on Twitter saying that you do not need an all-London emission zone because it is inner London that has the air quality problem.

“Of course you don’t need an outer London emission zone – an Ultra Low Emission Zone for the whole of London in the way that Sadiq Khan is imposing one because by 2030, all new cars in this country are going to be much cleaner and greener anyway,” he says before suggesting the idea is more about revenue-raising. “There’s only one reason why he’s doing it and that is because he has bankrupted TfL by his mismanagement of the finances of London and he wants to rake in money from motorists in outer London and beyond in a way that is completely unreasonable and unnecessary for air quality.”

Mr Johnson stresses his green credentials as London Mayor in the video by saying “I know quite a lot about improving air quality in London, I brought in a lot more cycling, I brought in new hybrid buses, I brought in green electric taxis, and we got nitrous oxide down by 20%. We got PM10s, PM2.5s down by 15%.

“And that was even before we bought in the ULEZ, the Ultra Low Emission Zone for inner London.”

He calls on people to “stop Khan’s mad ULEZ expansion plan, fight the outer London ULEZ, fight his plans to take money off hard pressed motorists at a very, very difficult time and stop this mad lefty tax on people’s lives and livelihoods.”

(Picture – Twitter)


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