Just Stop Oil protestors accused of having “blood on their hands”

Two activists who climbed the Queen Elizabeth II bridge at Dartford last week are being accused of having “blood on their hands” after two women died in a crash on the nearby M20.

The Sun reports that emergency services took longer to arrive than normal because of traffic jams caused by the closure of the bridge when the two men climbed it.

A stranded motorist, and another who stopped to aid her, were struck by a car as they stood on the hard shoulder of the M20. Crews took up to 40 minutes to battle through traffic chaos to reach the scene in Swanley, Kent.

A man who was injured in the crash after he’d got out to help told The Sun from his hospital bed that, “They may not have intended to hurt anyone, but they’ve got blood on their hands now. Without the protest the emergency services might have been able to get there in time to save the women.”

Former Metropolitan Police chief inspector Mick Neville echoed the thoughts, telling the paper: “They may not have directly caused the M20 accident. But had their irresponsible demo not taken place, the women and van driver would probably not have been there.”

(Picture – Just Stop Oil)


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