Kar-go delivery bot approved for British roads

A driverless delivery vehicle which can travel at road speeds has been approved for trial in Britain.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has approved Kar-go’s design and agreed it is roadworthy, has appropriate insurance and a driver or operator – in or out of the vehicle – able to resume control if required.

The trials will now begin with a safety driver on board just in case, while the degree of autonomy is increased.

Kar-go’s design, which was showcased at Transport Scotland’s CAV Scotland event in November 2019 in Glasgow, is a lightweight electric vehicle invented by the Academy of Robotics.

William Sachiti, Founder and CEO of Academy of Robotics, the team behind Kar-go commented, “We believe that all other autonomous vehicle trials on UK roads have been carried out in modified versions of previously approved vehicle types. So, Kar-go Delivery Bot will be the first vehicle designed for autonomous delivery to have been approved by the DVSA.”


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