Khan considers pay-per-mile road user charging for London

London’s mayor is considering replacing the congestion charge with a pay-per-mile road user charging scheme to help achieve a cut in road traffic he says is needed to reach Net Zero.

The Telegraph quotes Sadiq Khan as saying he is “not willing to stand by and wait when there’s more we can do in London that could make a big difference”.

“We have too often seen measures to tackle air pollution and the climate emergency delayed around the world because it’s viewed as being too hard or politically inconvenient, but I’m not willing to put off action we have the ability to implement here in London,” the Telegraph’s report continues.

“I’m determined that we continue to be doers, not delayers – not only to protect Londoners’ health right now, but for the sake of future generations to come.”

It says a City Hall report stressed that the technology to charge drivers per mile is “still years away from being ready”, so the Mayor is considering several alternatives which “could be ready within the next few years”.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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