Kiely’s Multipatcher highlighted in Sunday Times

Road surfacing and surface treatments company Kiely Bros’ newly introduced Multpatcher machine which fixes potholes in minutes has been profiled in the mainstream press, explaining how it can “will do the job at half the price — with only one operator, instead of a crew of workmen in the road”.

The Sunday Times’ profile of the Australian technology explains how the machine can simultaneously handle all road maintenance tasks, from cleaning and preparing potholes, to delivering high-quality finished road surfaces.

The article quotes Ash Howard, head of human resources at Kiely Group, explaining how the machine resurfaces roads and footpaths, and that the machine, which costs £500,000, can do a emergency repair for £30 rather than the industry norm of £71.40, in a much reduced time. The figures include lane closure costs.

The report also talks about Kiely’s policy of working with people in prison to give them employment opportunities once they are released.

Read it here.

(Picture – Kiely Bros)


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