Kiely’s praises road surfacing innovation as “fantastic addition” to the UK’s road network

Road surfacing and surface treatments company Kiely Bros has released a video showing off its latest innovation in road pothole repairs and road surface dressing.

The company has invested in bringing the Multipatcher technology from Australia. The machine can simultaneously handle all road maintenance tasks, from cleaning and preparing potholes, to delivering high-quality finished road surfaces.

The video published on LinkedIn shows how, when compared to traditional road surfacing methods, the Multipatcher is also safer as well as quicker. Unlike the usual methods that require multiple crew members working on the road, the Multipatcher can be operated by just one person from inside the safety of the cab.

“By removing operatives from vulnerable road positions we significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries,” explained company adviser Neil Levett. “This also removes the need for expensive traffic management costs as the machine can work on an open site, without the need for road closures. The Multipatcher creates less disruption and makes road maintenance operations more efficient, cheaper and safer for everyone involved.”

Mr Levett worked with fellow consultant Ross Bullerwell to oversee the project bringing the innovation to the UK. “The Multipatcher is unique in its capability to clean, fill in and cover Potholes at both the front and rear, and capable of completing small scale Surface Dressing works,” Mr Bullewell added. “It’s speedy and efficient. Patching approximately 30m of road in under three minutes. It improves the safety of both the workforce and general public as no operatives will be in vulnerable positions on the road and our software maps where potholes were repaired and the ability to pull all of this information out on reports.”

You can watch the video here.

(Picture – Kiely Bros)


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