Korean firm Nota building strong connection in UK

Six year old Korean AI technology company Nota is looking to build a UK presence by hiring leading Intelligent Transport Systems expert Sharon Kindleysides to represent it in the UK.

Nota says its philosophy is “artificial intelligence anywhere through compression technology.” Nota has its own deep learning model compression technology called NetsPresso, which is an automatic model compression platform that makes computer vision models small enough to be deployed individually on small edge devices/low specification devices. To provide target models optimised to customers’ needs, NetsPresso combines a variety of compression methods to downsize the AI model without performance degradation. Nota contributes to the generalisation of AI in real industries and everyday life based on the core technology.

As well as hiring former UK Kapsch CEO and New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services Director Kindleysides as its adviser, Nota is committing to the UK by joining ITS (UK). Sharon Kindleysides is a former Chair of the organisation.

Based on the disruptive technology for AI, Nota has completed various projects and use cases successfully in Korea over the years. It includes numerous collaborations with the government, public institutions, and cities around Korea.  After the continuous success in the domestic market, Nota started searching for the potential market overseas, and says the UK seems to be the challenging target where Nota can expand its own business based on the core technology.

Nota has been strengthening its global reputation via various partnerships. As a member of  NVIDIA’s Metropolis partnership programme, Nota gets early access to NVIDIA platform and the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organisations. By ARM AI Partner Program, Nota gets the chance to participate in AI Virtual Tech Talk Series to discuss the latest trends in AI development, including deployment, optimisation, best practices, and new technologies shaping the industry.

“It means a lot that Nota is finding its place in the core organisation of ITS market and cooperating with one of the global experts in Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Cities in the UK,” the company says in a statement. “As the first Korean company that managed to start co-promote with ITS (UK), Nota will contribute to forthcoming technological advancements as one of the global market-leading companies.”

(Picture by Highways News – Sharon Kindleysides representing Nota at the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium)


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