Labour Party calls for more ‘rapid’ spending on active travel

The Labour Party has urged government to spend more ‘rapidly’ on active travel as it said any gains made in active travel made during the pandemic could be lost as vehicle traffic levels return to pre-Covid levels.

This is seen as particularly an issue for cycling: the number of bike trips rose notably during lockdown, but there is concern that many new or returning cyclists could stop now that the roads are busier, reports the Guardian.

Labour has called for ministers to rapidly commit to spending the £2bn already pledged towards cycling and walking schemes in England in this parliament, while also saying this is not sufficient to properly expand provision. The party says there needs to be a proper plan for cycling.

Official statistics released last week showed there was a 23% increase in the number of “stages” – rides that formed part of a greater journey – cycled during 2020 compared with the previous year.

The figure was significantly greater among women, at 56%, with cycling organisations saying this showed how many people wanted to ride bikes but felt prevented from doing so by the perception of road danger, said the Guardian report.

Other Department for Transport statistics have shown that two-thirds of adults in England think it is too dangerous for them to cycle on the roads, with only 14% disagreeing. Women are seen as more likely than men to be put off by road danger.Advertisement

Motor traffic on the roads in many places has returned to pre-pandemic levels, and there are concerns that in some areas it could rise further as people shun public transport because of concerns about coronavirus.

Kerry McCarthy, the shadow minister for green transport, said: “It’s time this government showed some real ambition, striking while the iron is hot on active travel rather than rehashing old pledges.

“It’s very worrying that we’ve gone back to the levels of pollution and congestion that we had before Covid, and in some places things are even worse. Unless the Conservatives do more to make our roads safer for cyclists, the problem is only going to escalate. We need to see a proper plan from government to get people cycling and keep them safe on our roads.”

A government spokesperson said: “While we have some of the safest roads in the world, this government will continue to work tirelessly to ensure they are made safer still. We are investing record amounts in safe active travel schemes and cleaner transport infrastructure, and recently announced changes to the Highway Code, meaning those who present the most risk to other road users are given the greatest responsibility in creating a safer travel environment for all.”


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