Legal paperwork complete for persistent evader database launch

A one-man mission to properly identify motorists who ignore motoring legislation has come a step closer to success with the final legal paperwork approved to set up the National Persistent Evader Database.

Alan Wood has spent ten years setting up the scheme which is the country’s only centralised database of offending vehicle behaviour data from the parking sector, tracking vehicle registrations of people who don’t pay parking tickets or tax, MOT or insure their vehicles.  It will also monitor vehicles without keeper details with the and cloned plates.

Mr Wood says research shows a large percentage of these multiple offenders have direct links to vehicle related criminal activity and anti-social behaviour and more than 60% of persistent evaders are non-compliant, Vehicle Excise Duty, MOT or Insurance. 

“NPED will establish the true state of our vehicle community,” he explains.  “Phase 1a is a small pilot of 6 local authorities in or close to London who will allow the team to test the system in a live environment and ensure system stability ahead of phase 1b national roll out.”

He describes this as “a truly connected way to create a single data environment of offending vehicle use that assists identify, prioritise, locate and deal with the most persistent and/or highest risk offenders”.

Mr Wood is the guest on this week’s Highways Voices podcast (published Wednesday) to explain the database and its uses in detail.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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